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Considerations To Know About epic win

David Letterman provides one of the most punishing defeat downs any presidential applicant has at any time been given on late-night Television.

Should you've usually wanted the terrible-boy status and critical acclaim that comes along with generating a Tarantino film, you happen to be in luck -- we've cracked The trick method.

A satirical video clip poking enjoyment at John McCain's profane tirade at his wife, wherein he allegedly known as her the C-phrase.

John Oliver enlists the help of a toddler psychologist to mend the Hillary supporters who don't desire Barack Obama to generally be our next president.

Not a soul is upset about the fact that The united states tortures, they're just upset they now understand about it.

President Bush will look for to convenience victims of his presidency as they struggle to seem sensible of the destruction he has brought on. A spoof video through the Onion.

The Bush administration will get the EPA to rewrite their plan on greenhouse gases by not opening the e-mail.

Stephen Colbert takes Glenn Beck's end times eventualities to the doom bunker and imagines horrific future eventualities which happen to be guaranteed to occur.

Senator Fred Thompson reaffirms read more the new Republican mantra which the leaders of right now are the file**k ups of yesterday.

John McCain's bio film exhibits him from the wild years approximately abandoning everything he's generally stood for.

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